Arran Russell is a visual artist and multidisciplinary creative whose career, spanning 25 years, has taken him from London to Sydney and Ho Chi Minh City. Arran holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from Western Sydney University where he studied under the tutelage of Julie Rapp, David Haines and Dennis Del Favero.

Arran’s conceptual thinking has always been a driving force in his success to date with all creative endeavours. In the early 2000’s working between London and Vietnam, Arran created and launched fashion menswear brand Marshall Artist which quickly grew into a widely recognised cult brand. Arran collaborated with Warp records and high end retailer Browns Focus on custom lines for Marshall Artist. Arran also co-created globally recognised Vanishing Elephant, which in 2010, was awarded the prestigious Australian GQ Designer of the Year award. During this decade, Arran’s creative projects saw him work between England, the United States, China, Hong Kong, India and Japan.

Since 2015, Arran has been exploring a focused visual arts practice inspired by Pierre Solange, Robert Motherwell, Imi Knobel and Elsworth Kelley, further developing his practice as a means to reverse engineer his past into a new future. Arran’s work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and this is his first solo exhibition.

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